Adjusting to life at college is often difficult. Social and academic pressures can be overwhelming, especially when you're in a brand new environment. All of this change may have you longing for your childhood home, family and friends. 

Without this familiar support system you might initially feel isolated, lonely, or anxious about your academic performance- even if you didn't think you would be. Feeling sad and constantly thinking about home may leave you with little motivation to study or make new friends.

You are not alone in feeling this way. Starting college represents unique challenges that can be daunting even if you have left home behind for good reasons.  While it may take time to feel comfortable at Fordham, you can adjust eventually. Here are some things that can make the transition easier.

Participate in student activities. They will help you structure your time and make friends who you can turn to for support.
Talk to your roommate, neighbor or an RA, RD or CFM about your feelings. In all likelihood they have been where you are and will be able to offer advice and support. 
  • Do things that relax you. Try taking a walk, exercising, listening to music, or taking long, deep breaths.
  • Make your dorm room feel like a home! Decorate and make it cozy, comfortable, and personal.
Remember that drinking will not truly make the homesickness go away, and in fact can act as a depressant over time. Give yourself time to adjust to your new life. Many students who feel homesick soon settle in and go on to have a rewarding and full college experience. That said, it is also okay to decide that starting college is not right for you at this time, or that another college might provide an environment that better suits your needs.

CPS is available to help ease you through your transition to college life, or supports you in decision-making about whether this environment is right for you at this time. Please call or drop by our office to make an appointment for free and confidential counseling for your homesickness (or other concern).   

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