How to Drink and Stay Safe


Plan Your Drinking, or “intox,” Day: If you plan to drink on a given day, take all necessary

steps to ensure that you do not harm yourself or others. It is also helpful to plan your intox day so that it will not interfere with important things like work or school.

A Short list for drinking safely:

·         Avoid drinking games

·         Alternate drinking alcohol and water

·         Avoid taking shots of hard alcohol

·         Have food in your stomach

·         Drink slowly by sipping your beverage

·         Be sure to have adequate sleep before you drink

·         Think about the consequences before you drink

·         Avoid binge drinking:

o   Men – 5 or more drinks at a time or 14 per week;

o   Women – 4 or more drinks at a time or 7 per week.

·         Decide how many drinks you will consume before you go out.

·         Remember, a standard drink contains 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol. This is the amount of alcohol in 12oz of beer, 5oz of wine, and 1.5oz of hard liquor.

Take public transportation or a taxi.  It is easier to give your car keys to a trusted sober person before taking the first drink.

If you have a tendency to make embarrassing or problematic phone calls when drinking, ask a sober friend to hold your phone before the first drink.

Go Out With a Friend:
Going out drinking with a trusted friend, and plan ahead of time how to look out for each other.  If you want to avoid getting drunk and going home with strange people, ask your friend to stick close to you and to remind you of your plan before anything like that happens. Talk about small details with your friend so you both know what to do in certain situations. Beware of companions who have a tendency to egg you on into crazy behaviors.

Avoid Impulse Drinking
: Reactive drinking is very likely to lead to a bad drinking episode. If you’re feeling angry or upset try calling a supportive friend, exercising, or writing about the situation.


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