Exploration and Assessment (Triage and Intake Appointments)

The purpose of the initial appointments with a therapist are to explore and evaluate individual's concerns, problems, strengths and goals. Following the initial appointments, the individual and the counselor will collaboratively determine the best services to meet your needs. 

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides an opportunity for individuals to explore their concerns and work toward a better understanding and resolution of their difficulties.  Individual counseling at CPS is short-term, and sessions are 45 minutes.    

Group Counseling

Group counseling offers an opportunity to learn about onself and how we engage and interact with others. Groups typically have 6 to 8 students and one or two trained group leaders. The Counseling Center offers a range of groups at various times throughout the academic year.  Any student interested in joining a group may contact the counseling center at your campus for information on the types of groups offered for the semester.  Please click here for current groups offered on each campus.

Outreach Services/workshops

We offer extensive campus outreach that addresses a wide range of topics in student mental health. Counseling and Psychological Services coordinates several different screening days each year, in which we offer mental health screens, resources, free giveaways, and other activities. 
We also offer a wide variety of workshops on topics such as stress management, organizational skills and procrastination, dating and break-ups, cultural and identity concerns, and substance abuse, to name a few.  Please click here for current workshops offered on each campus.


CPS staff are available to consult with faculty, administrators, staff, coaches, family members and students about individual students of concern and/or general campus-wide mental health issues.

Referrals for Private Therapy

We provide personalized referrals for longer term therapy, specialized treatments, and/or intensive care.  CPS has strong relationships with a broad referral network of therapists and psychiatrists in the community, and actively facilitates connecting students with the appropriate care.

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