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Welcome | Office of Disability Services (ODS)


The Office of Disability Services at Fordham University helps to ensure equal educational access and opportunity for all members of our community. In the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, members of the ODS staff work individually with each student to understand his or her strengths and limitations in order to develop their most effective and comprehensive accommodation plan.

In addition to working in a direct service capacity with our students, the Office of Disability Services also collaborates with administrators, faculty, and staff to ensure that the facilitation of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities is provided. As a University, Fordham will offer reasonable and appropriate auxiliary aids and services to assist otherwise qualified persons in achieving access to its programs, services, and facilities once students meet with ODS for an initial intake meeting to develop an accommodation plan directly with the student in accordance with Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

We believe that our policies and mission carry out the intent of Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act, which states:

"No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States, as defined in section 7(20), shall solely by reason of his or her disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

Please contact us for guidelines for the types of documentation that may be requested according to the type of disability you have. 


We are currently accepting appointments for intake meetings to be conducted for any new or current Fordham students for any undergraduate programs or graduate programs (except Fordham Law) for the  Fall 2014  semester.  Please call us at our main office at 718-817-0655 to schedule your meeting. 

| Aug. 11 -DEC. 23, 2014

Rose Hill:  Monday 8:30-5:00, Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-7, and Friday 8:00-5:00

Lincoln Center: Monday 9:00-7:00, Tuesday 8:00-4:00, Wednesday 8:00-7:00, Thursday 9:00-7:00 and Friday 8:000-4:00                           Please NoTE:  LC Office was  relocated to 33 w. 60th Street, suite 224 on july 28th, 2014.

IMPORTANT: RH office open from 5-7 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only for testing. If there are no tests being proctored, the office will close at 5. LC office open from 4-7on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday only for testing. If there are no tests being proctored, the office will close at 4.

Proctoring appointments for Test Proctoring can be arranged at LC and RH for evening students at other times by turning in your online test proctoring request at least 10 days ahead of time to allow ODS time to look for proctors.  If no proctors are available for exam time requested, ODS will discuss alternate options with each student regarding accommodations for exams. 


Accommodation Request Forms:  All online accommodation request forms for letters for the Fall 2014 semester must be submitted by as soon as possible.  In order to have ample time to write students' accommodation letters, hire note-takers, and prepare for alternative text requests, ODS needs accommodation letter requests to be submitted when students are registering for classes.  If you are a student using a wheel chair who is planning on taking a class at either the LC or RH campus and need ram van transportation for class,  you should contact us three weeks before the end of each semester so we can arrange this with Ram Van for next semester.  As always, if you make any changes to your class schedule, please notify our office to request a new letter when that change is made. 

Test Proctoring Forms: In order to take a test with ODS, you must fill out an online test proctoring form and submit it to ODS 7 business days before a normal test or quiz and 2 weeks before midterms and finals. 

Thank you!


Academic Coaching:

Students at Fordham University who are registered with the Office of Disability Services who struggle with time-management and/or organization are invited to contact Disability Services to set up an appointment for one-on-one academic coaching sessions with our staff.  These sessions are typically scheduled once a week and last for 45 minutes, but we are happy to assist you on an as-needed basis as well.  Please contact for more information and send us your course schedule so we can find a time to meet for coaching.  This service is provided to any undergraduate or graduate schools (non-Law School) who are registered with ODS.    

Transition Year Program (TYP):  Enrollment for Fall 2014 Underway!

men undergraduate students at Fordham University who register with the Office of Disability Services are invited to apply to take part in our Transition Year Program!  This program is ideal for any freshman who uses accommodations, but specifically for those who need guidance to help manage their workload, learn to self-advocate, utilize resources on campus, and improve study skills as they make the transition to using accommodations in college!  You'll meet weekly with an academic coach in our office to work on these skills, be paired with a peer mentor to answer questions you have from the student perspective, and be invited to group workshops/outings throughout the year on topics such as procrastination, goal setting, registration, and social events!   Please contact or 718-817-0655 to put your name on our new/incoming list so we can set up your intake meeting and send you an application for TYP! 

ODS Staff | Please feel free to contact us with any questions! We look forward to working with you!

Mary Byrnes, Director
Jessica Hawkins, Assistant Director
Erin Koch, Assistant Director
Jennifer Pepperman, Office Assistant
Marisa Horowitz-Jaffe, TYP Coordinator

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