Characteristics of specific disabilities and Accommodation Strategies
Students bring a unique set of strengths and experiences to college and students with disabilities are no exception. While many learn in different ways, their differences do not imply inferior capacities.

There is no need to dilute curriculum or to reduce course requirements for students with disabilities.
However, special accommodations may be needed, as well as modifications in the way information is presented.  Students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services will provide you with an accommodation letter from ODS staff detailing the specific academic accommodations that they utilize.  Students should not be granted accommodations from faculty without properly registering with ODS and providing their professor(s) with their accommodation letters. 

Faculty will be aided in these efforts by drawing upon the student's own prior learning experiences, using available  Fordham University resources, and collaborating with the Office of Disability Services. The following link can be very  helpful to faculty members teaching students registered with our office:

While we may not always be able to answer specific questions about a student's disability, we welcome you to contact our office with your questions and concerns.  We can assist you in answering general questions about specific accommodations, guide you in ways to reach out to assist students and to learn about how these students learn best.  When appropriate we can also request permission from the student to share more information with you to assist you in meeting the needs of particular students. 

The following section outlines characteristics of specific disabilities and provides accommodation and modification strategies. These strategies are assigned to individual needs and do not apply to all persons with the same disability.

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