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Reasonable accommodations vary for each student depending upon the individual student's type of disability, needs, and their supporting documentation.  The intake meeting each student has with an ODS staff member is the time where a student's documentation will be reviewed and accommodations will be added to a student's plan based on their needs and type of disability.  Accommodations are not put in place that would alter the essential nature of a course or the degree requirements.  Some examples of accommodations Fordham has provided to students include, but are not limited to, early registration, academic coaching, Transition Year Program, academic support services including note-takers, readers during exams, proctoring of exams, extended test-taking time, assistance with books in alternative formats, assistance, transcription, and assistance in accessing the buildings on campus.

Academic modifications are potentially a form of reasonable accommodation. Depending on the particular circumstance, accommodations may include, but are not limited to the following: reduced course loads, course substitutions, extending the amount of time to complete the requirements for graduation, allowing part-time programming, providing limited extensions of time for completing assignments, and similar modifications. While Fordham University will consider making academic modifications in appropriate circumstances, no academic modifications will be granted which fundamentally alter the nature of the course or program or which unduly burden the University financially or administratively. Requests for academic modifications should be made to the Director of Disability Services, Mary Byrnes, at Adjustments will be made in conjunction with members of the faculty and respective academic deans.

Please Note: Accommodations must be requested at the beginning of each semester by filling out an Accommodation Form and submitting it to the office.  You will be given these forms at your initial intake meeting or can pick them up at the office if you are already registered with us. Additionally, the Office of Disability Services does not grant accommodations retroactively. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the office in regards to accommodations in the semester they require services. If new accommodations are needed, you must meet with ODS to discuss adjusting your accommodation plan and may potentially need to provide updated documentation accordingly.

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