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The University will make admission decisions using criteria which do not consider an individual's disability. Thus, the University will not impose or apply admission or eligibility criteria that screen out or tend to screen out individuals on the basis of their disability, unless such criteria is necessary for the provision of the program, service or activity being offered. The University believes that this carries out the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Students with disabilities desiring to enroll in any program, service or activity of Fordham University must be able to meet the minimal standards of both the University and the particular school, program, service, or activity to which admission is sought.

The University does not engage in affirmative action programs for students with disabilities, nor does it consider a student's disability in evaluating admission criteria. It is, of course, within the student's discretion to inform the Admissions Committee of a disability if they wish. If this choice is made, the University will not discriminate against the student on the basis of the disability and will make reasonable accommodations when necessary.

A person with a disability may request reasonable accommodation in the application process. A person with a disability who requests a reasonable accommodation in the application process must make that request to the Director of Admissions. It is the applicant's responsibility to identify and substantiate the disability and the need for accommodation, and to explain how the accommodation requested relates to the disability.

All questions concerning undergraduate admissions should be directed to the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Duane Library (718) 817-4000.

Other inquiries concerning graduate and professional school admissions should be made to the appropriate graduate school:

School of Law: (212) 636-6810
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: (718) 817-4400
Graduate School of Business Administration: (212) 636-6200
Graduate School of Education: (212) 636-6400
Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education: (718) 817-4800
Graduate School of Social Service: (212) 636-6600


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