Who Is A Person with A Disability?
A person with a disability is someone who has one, or a combination of several physical, mental, and learning impairments, which substantially limits one or more of the person's major life functions. Major life functions include seeing, hearing, walking or learning. A person may also be considered to have a disability if s/he has a history of substantial impairment, or is regarded as being substantially impaired.

Who Is A Qualified Person with A Disability?
A person with a disability is qualified if, with or without reasonable accommodation, s/he meets the essential eligibility requirements of a program or service offered by Fordham University.

What Is A Reasonable Accommodation?

A reasonable accommodation is an adjustment to the way in which a program or service is provided that allows a qualified person with a disability to achieve meaningful access to that program or service. For example, a reasonable accommodation may consist of a modification of the University's policies or procedures, or the provision of auxiliary aids or services. Reasonable accommodations do not alter the nature of the course or the degree requirements in any way.  Fordham University is not required to make accommodations which fundamentally alter the nature of its curriculum, programs or services, or which are unduly burdensome either in terms of cost or administrative difficulty.

How Do I Receive an Accommodation for A Disability?
If you have a disability, or if you suspect that you have a disability, the first place to go is the Office of Disability Services (ODS). Students with disabilities have the responsibility of contacting ODS for an intial intake meeting to assess their needs prior to their first semester of enrollment at Fordham University. You should not assume that the University knows any information about your disability because it was included in your application for admission. Students are not eligible for any accommodations until you have met with a staff member at ODS for an initial intake meeting during which we will set up an accommodation plan based on your disability and supporting documentation you may have.  
We are currently accepting appointments for intake meetings to be conducted for any new or current Fordham students for any undergraduate programs or graduate programs (except Fordham Law) for Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 semesters.  Please call us at our main office at 718-817-0655 to schedule your meeting.  If you are a Fordham Law School student please contact Abel Montez who directly works with the Law School students for accommodations:  212-636-7955;

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