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Applicants who have been accepted for admission or current students who would like Fordham to accommodate a disability are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services at 718-817-0655 to arrange an initial intake meeting to develop their accommodation plan with ODS staff as soon as possible.  At Rose Hill the office is located in O’Hare Hall on the Lower Level, and at Lincoln Center in 33 W. 60th Street, Suite 224 beginning July 28, 2014.  Please specify when calling whether you are a Lincoln Center, Rose Hill, or Westchester student.  Westchester students are welcome to meet with ODS staff at either the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center offices.  We can also provide some remote services for Westchester students such as a phone initial intake meeting because we do not have a physical office at Westchester.  Students are not eligible for receiving academic accommodations until they have met with ODS staff to develop their accommodation plan.   This notification should be done early, because in some cases, the University may need time to arrange for the accommodation. Late requests may not be able to be reasonably accommodated in time for the beginning of the semester. It is the student's responsibility to identify the disability, to explain how the accommodation requested relates to the disability, and to provide supporting documentation if needed to explain the effectiveness of the requested accommodation. The student is responsible for arranging certain personal services such as attendant care, mobility training, and transportation. 

Registered Students' Responsibilities


Registered students are responsible for submitting your accommodation request forms online through the AIM system, each semester indicating the specific classes you are requesting letters for and the accommodations you would like to utilize in each course.  Students must then either pick up your letters in person or download them from AIM once ODS has notified you the letters have been processed, unless you're a Westchester student and you've indicated on your accommodation request form that you would like them mailed to your home since we do not have a Westchester office.  You must hand your accommodation letter directly to your professor(s) during office hours.  This allows students to self-identify and begin to discuss any accommodations with your professors that you may need your professor's assistance with, such as arranging a note-taker or for extra time on tests.  We encourage all students to have a conversation with your professor(s) about how you learn best.  This allows you to begin self-advocating for your needs and allows your professor(s) to implement different teaching styles to address your needs within the classroom environment.  In addition, students who wish to take your tests with extra time in the ODS office must sign up online through AIM for test proctoring services at ODS office 7-10 days ahead of time in order to secure your testing spot and allow ODS staff to communicate with your professor to ensure we have your test for you when you arrive.  If you are having difficulty accessing your accommodations in any of your classes, please contact ODS so that we can assist you in developing a plan of action as soon as possible. 


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