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Verification of Documentation and Letters for Extended Time on Standardized Tests


Students requesting accommodation must provide the University, in a timely manner, with current verification of the disability. The verification must be in written form acceptable to the appropriate officials at Fordham University who will evaluate the documentation according to specific criteria, depending on the type of disability. All documentation should be prepared by a licensed health care provider or other professional qualified to diagnose the disability. Fordham University reserves the right to require the student to supplement the documentation if it is determined that the information in the initial documentation is incomplete or inadequate. A student's documentation will be evaluated on an individual basis. Please refer to the appropriate documentation guidelines for specific information.

Verification Letters for Extended Time on Standardized Tests

If you are a current registered student with ODS or a student that was registered with our office in the past, you may contact us for a verification letter for standardized tests.  If you received extended time in your undergraduate studies, you may be eligible for extended time on standardized tests such as the GMAT, LSAT, GRE, or other standardized testing.  Please review the specific requirements for applying for extended time with the appropriate testing board, then contact us at to request a letter be mailed to you verifying you as a registered student and your accommodations.  We will mail this letter directly to you, which you can then provide to the testing board.  Please allow 1-2 weeks to process such requests.

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