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A Note from the Director and Chief to the Fordham Community:

Fordham University Emergency Medical Service (FUEMS) is a unique organization comprised of young men and women who follow in the Jesuit tradition of serving their fellow men and women.  FUEMS has been a part of this campus for over 35 years and has grown from a small student group that responded to on campus emergencies on foot to an organization that is comprised of over 60 active members with two ambulances. FUEMS responds to all requests for emergency medical attention on campus, at off campus housing, and for Fordham University students in the surrounding area. The organization also provides stand-by services for on campus sporting events and other club activities.

Our organization has worked closely with other agencies such as the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) and St. Barnabas Hospital, and has created a long standing tradition of mutual support with these agencies and the surrounding Fordham community.

While our structure has changed in various ways over the years, our goal of providing the best patient care will always remain the same. We are constantly looking for, and implementing, new training opportunities and updating our protocols in order to simultaneously lower our response time and provide more extensive patient care. With the enthusiasm of our new officer staff and help from alumni and outside agencies, we believe that we will be able to greatly enhance the service that we provide to the community.
Very Best Regards,

Christopher Valenza, EMT-B
Director, Fordham University EMS

Kyle Elizabeth Mitchel, EMT-B
Chief of Medical Operations, Fordham University EMS

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