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Broadly speaking, FUEMS is equipped and ready to provide immediate emergency medical care to the Fordham University Rose Hill community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In this capacity FUEMS is able to assess and begin emergency medical treatment on scene and is further capable of transporting patients to the surrounding Bronx hospitals.

Level of Service Provided
FUEMS is a fully licensed ambulance agency authorized for service by the New York State Department of Health. Our services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week while school is in session. You can request that an EMS team to be dispatched to your location by calling Fordham Security at 718-817-2222. Each crew is headed by at least one New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician in addition to a certified ambulance driver and two other crew members. The agency has members who are trained in providing basic life support for all injuries and medical conditions, and is equipped with two ambulances which are capable of transporting patients to the surrounding Bronx hospitals.
Contact Information
The FUEMS office is located in the basement of Queens Court. If the lights are on and the door is open please feel free to stop by with any questions about our service or if you are in need of medical assistance. However, in order to contact FUEMS remotely in a medical emergency please call Fordham security at 718-817-2222. When calling security for assistance for either yourself or another person, please be sure to remain calm and include the following information:
  • The nature of the call (Chest pain, difficulty breathing, intoxication, broken bone).
  • The location of the call (Queens Court Johns 111, ACS 315, etc.)
 Being specific with as much detail as possible will allow us to help you to the best of our ability.

When to Call
In short, you should call whenever you feel that a person is in need of prompt medical attention. It is better to be safe than to cause someone further injury, harm, or even death. More specifically you should call if you or someone around you is experiencing ANY of the following:
-       Chest Pain
-       Difficulty Breathing
-       Unconsciousness
-       Seizures
-       Broken Bones
-       Head/Neck/Back Injury
-       Severe Bleeding
-       Severe Burns
-       Fainting
-       Sudden Weakness or Dizziness
-       Severe Intoxication or any sort of Drug Overdose

Medical Amnesty Policy & Patient Confidentiality
It is of the utmost importance for everyone in the Rose Hill community to understand Fordham’s medical amnesty policy. This recently adopted policy provides students with the safety of being able to call for help without any fear of being punished for any actions that may have led up to the reason FUEMS was called. Once again, you do not need to fear “getting in trouble” if you call for help, you are protected under the medical amnesty policy! So please do not hesitate to call if your or a friend need immediate medical attention, you are protected!
Secondly it is also very important to grasp our patient confidentiality policy. As per certain HIPPA laws and regulations FUEMS is not allowed to release any information about transportation or care provided unless given the proper consent from a patient. This means that FUEMS will not release information to parents, nor will they attempt or accept contact from parents as medical care is in progress. Also know that you’re safe from “gossip on campus”; HIPPA laws and regulations also mandate that our EMTs are not allowed to disclose any patient information to anyone that was not involved in the call.

Cost of Emergency Medical Attention

For all medically related calls a charge of fifty dollars ($50) will be placed onto the student’s tuition bill. This fee has been implemented to ensure that FUEMS has the proper funding to allow for adequate transportation and care of patients. However for those patients who need medical attention for intoxication, physical/sexual assault, or psychological emergencies, the fifty dollar fee is waived. This waiver is provided so that no one is ever deterred from calling for help in the most sensitive of circumstances. Your health and safety is our top priority and no one should be discouraged from calling due to the possibility of being charged for transport.

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