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A Senior Ram Van Driver's Reflection

A Senior Ram Van Driver's Reflection

The experience of being a Ram Van driver starts before the job itself does. It starts before the training session, before the written test, before the paperwork, before you even see the road. It appears first in the reactions of the uninitiated when you announce that you’ll be pitting your wits against the mythical snarl of New York City traffic, and it is met among drivers, past and present, with a fraternal, affirming appraisal. It sets in when you doubt your ability to validate the trust being placed on your shoulders, and it cements when you resolve to meet the responsibility anyway.

The experience of being a Ram Van driver is to publicly possess and recognize in oneself a unique type of unflinching competence. It is an assuredness that feels at home on display in front of the hundreds of passengers each week whose safety depends on us, and it is a composure that accepts the burden humbly. It is the only common thread that links together an otherwise diverse group of students, and it is evident in the kinship that abounds between drivers. Some may perceive this bond as insular, but it is no coincidence that drivers often enjoy the esteem of friends from other circles of life equal to that which we feel for each other. The experience of being a Ram Van driver is to celebrate among co-workers the drive that brought us together, the fortitude that the office's culture fosters, and the shared experience that channels it all into a job that pays the bills. We are the lifeblood that connects the campuses of Fordham, and the vitality that this role has given me will no doubt frame the best memories I will take from college.

- Lenny DeFranco, CBA '10

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