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Summer Service Schedule

Listed at the bottom of the page is the Rose Hill-Lincoln Center Break Summer Schedule. Please note the following important facts about this schedule when planning your travel. 
  • During Summer Break Schedule there is NO WEEKEND SERVICE, except Sunday 8/31 for Orientation Weekend. Click here for details, and for other dates/holidays of no service.
  • NO FRIDAY SERVICE: beginning July 4th, 2014 through Friday, August 8th, 2014, as the University is closed.  
  • NOTE: Due to reduced passenger volume during summer, we send only one van per run. We will add second vans during observed higher-then-normal volume times.
  • Arrival times will vary depending on traffic conditions.
  • Although many times the trip will only take 30 minutes, we recommend allowing at least one hour when traveling to attend class or other time sensitive events.
  • In some cases, such as Friday evenings and other heavy travel times, it may take even more than an hour.
The Summer Schedule at the bottom of this page is effective during the following time periods:

Summer Break 2014
Wed, May 14th - Fri, Aug 29th
*Please see above the
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Summer Schedule
Departing Rose Hill   7:15 AM | 7:30 AM
Then every half hour on the half hour with the last two scheduled departures from Rose Hill bound for Lincoln Center at...
10:30 PM | 11:00 PM
Departing Lincoln Center   8:00 AM | 8:30AM
Then every half hour on the half hour with the last two scheduled departures from Lincoln Center bound for Rose Hill at ...
11:30 PM | 12:00 AM

Note: All fares remain the same for the Break Schedule as during the Academic Term.

Can't find something that fits your schedule?  Please click here for Alternate New York Area Transportation.

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