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Driver Certification

Driver Certification

Driver Application and Health History Forms

Anyone who wishes to drive for Ram Van or an athletic or club team please:

1. Read the Driver Certification Form to make sure you meet the requirements.
2. Print and fill out the
Driver Application, License Permission and Healthy History Sheet.
3. Print out a copy of the
Department of Motor Vehicle Medical Condition Examination Form and fill out the top portion. The schedule an appointment with the University Health Center or your own doctor and have the form completed.
4. Once all forms are completed and in your possession, drop them off at the Ram Van office. Make sure to also ask a student-worker or administrator to make a photocopy of your driver's license. 
5. Once all forms are verified to be complete and your driving record has been obtained, you will be contacted by an administrator to move forward with the process.

If you wish to become a student-worker for the Office of University Transportation, please sign up on our Driver Waiting List. We will contact you if your availability fits our schedule.

Forms and Documents:
Driver Certification Form
Driver Application
License Permission

Healthy History Sheet
Department of Motor Vehicle Medical Condition Examination Form*

*NOTE: Physical must be completed by a Health Center or Private medical examiner.

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