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Online Reservation Introduction

Ram Van is very excited to introduce our brand new online reservation system, debuting May 23rd, 2013!
Please download our PDF for a detailed walkthrough of exactly how to reserve your seat remotely (includes screenshots!)
Members of the Fordham Community holding an Access IT ID will be able to:

  • Reserve a seat up to 48 hours in advance.
  • Reserve a seat from anywhere with an active internet connection.
  • See the number of remaining seats on each van to better anticipate crowded vans during peak times.
Please note the following aspects of this new system:
  • Once you sign up for a specific time, you will not be able to sign up for the next two vans departing from the same location.
    •  For instance, if you sign up for the 1pm van from Rose Hill to Lincoln Center, you will not be able to sign up for the 1:30pm or 2pm vans unless you cancel your reservation for the 1pm van. Note: This will have no affect your ability to sign up on vans in the opposite direction-- in this case, vans from LC back to RH.
  • Fifteen minutes prior to departure, online reservation will close. Passenger lists will then be printed and vans will begin loading 5-10 minutes before departure. If you still wish to reserve a seat on that van, you must do so in-person.
  • University guests without Fordham ID's can still sign up online, but need to have their host make the reservations for them. Each member of the Fordham community is permitted to reserve seats for up to 3 additional guests.
We need YOUR help! 
This new system is a great convenience for passengers. But even more than that, it's a tool that will help us at the Ram Van office better serve the community. With the ability to see the number of passengers for each trip within the upcoming 48 hours, we will be able to tailor our service to meet passenger demand. However, this only works if each passenger makes reservations responsibly. We ask that you do not make excessive reservations, and that you make a genuine effort to keep the ones that you do make. Of course, we understand that things can be unpredictable and do not expect everyone to meet every reservation that they make. 

That being said, we would GREATLY APPRECIATE if you cancel your reservations as soon as you know you will not be able to make the van! It's a win/win/win decision: You win, because you will now be able to sign up on the next available van. Ram Van wins, because now we know you aren't coming. And most of all, the Fordham community wins because now an additional seat has opened up for someone who might have otherwise not been able to make a reservation.

Please download our PDF for a detailed walkthrough of exactly how to reserve your seat remotely (includes screenshots!).

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