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Useful Foreign Language Links

General Links
Very complete French language resource containing numerous explanations on parts of speech and syntax. Includes many links to other French grammar sites as well as exercises on a variety of grammar topics.
On-line foreign language resource for students and teachers. Icons lead to sites for learning French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as chat sessions in these languages. Note: site will prompt for your name before entering. The International Press link leads to popular newspapers in French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Foreign Languages and Literatures at Southern Methodist University. Offers Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Clicking on any of these languages calls up menus related to art, business, culture, history, language learning, media, sports and travel.
Clicking on the Language and Resource Link heading leads to a database of numerous sites grouped under each of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Old English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukranian. There is also a topic labeled Multilingual which leads to a wealth of resources including electronic dictionaries and literature as well as a fun site of how various animal sounds are expressed in various foreign languages.
Excellent site offering a Russian bookstore, on-line dicitionaries, language study from beginning to advanced, pronunciation, tests and quizzes as well as literature and music.
A valuable gateway to Russian Studies resources on the Web. This site lists numerous links conncecting to the Russian Web, Russian Internet Resources, the Yahoo Russian Literature site, the Russian Language and Literature site as well as news sites, libraries, Russian search engines and more. Links

The following sites provide homework help, exercises, games, cultural information, on-line literature and dictionaries and travel information:

Foreign Embassy Links

Sites for Washington D.C.'s foreign embassies also provide many linguistic and cultural links. For an alphabetical listing of all the foreign embassies in Washington, go to click on the country and the URL for its embassy will come up. Some embassy URLs:

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