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Office of Experiential Education

The Office of Experiential Education

Experiential education at Fordham University began in the summer of 1846 with the arrival of six Jesuit priests to the Rose Hill campus.  Bringing with them a three-hundred year old Ignatian tradition of holistic education dedicated to the care and concern of each individual.  Experience sits at the epicenter of a Jesuit liberal arts education.  Students are encouraged to embrace the world and immerse themselves in its everyday life, always, with a focus on understanding the importance that real life experiences play in the life of the heart and mind.  Since its inception, the University’s keepers of the curriculum have kept an ever-present eye on how life, in and outside the classroom, has come together in the academic arenas of American higher education.

The Office of Experiential Education was created in support of one of the key transformative initiatives of Toward 2016, "…to expand, accommodate and sponsor new mentoring and placement opportunities for Fordham undergraduates."  Individually, the Office of Experiential Education seeks to assist students in developing both the qualitative and quantitative skills needed to make informed decisions that are needed to achieve their career goals.  Collectively, the Office of Experiential Education seeks to facilitate and enhance the connections and interactions among students, faculty, alumni, and employers that assist undergraduates in pursuit of their personal and professional objectives.  Students’ careers are further facilitated by an active regional alumni group who serve our students as mentors and internship site supervisors.  With New York City as its campus, experiential education for Fordham undergraduates occurs in a crucible of creativity that intersects across business, non-profit, and service opportunities.

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