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The mission of the University Health Services is to provide accessible and high quality health care service to Fordham University Students.  It is our goal that each student will develop and fully actualize their God-given talents in terms of dealing with their health, both physical and mental. We also want to teach and educate each student in the expectation that these skills will enable them to place into practice and share with their families, friends, and the global community in a caring, respectful environment in order to ensure student satisfaction; to promote each student's ability to recognize and seek appropriate care and treatment for health problems; and to increase each student's knowledge and practice of behavior that promotes health and decreases disease.

Our mission also involves supporting the academic community’s goal of excellence through education, personal and community integrity and self-respect. We also aim towards assisting our students in developing moral and ethical values and characters that reflect the Jesuit tradition in regards to health promotion and illness prevention.

Fordham University is a Catholic and Jesuit University. As such, the physicians, nurse practitioners, and staff of the University Health Services abide by the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.  Those interested in these directives you can read them here.
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It is recognized that the University student is faced with the pressures of academics, financial issues, changing roles and responsibilities, and achieving long range goals. University Health Services has a role in helping the student understand and cope with these issues in a “healthful” way, and have a successful University experience.University Health Services works in partnership with the Psychological Counseling and the Drug and Alcohol Programs offered at Fordham University. University Health Services at Fordham University strives to provide a variety of health related services to the campus community, in the clinic setting.
These services include:
  • Primary Health Care such as Acute Illness Care
  • Women's and Men’s Health Care
  • Treatment of minor injuries
  • Public Health Issues
  • Mental Health Concerns.
In providing these services, an emphasis is placed on health education, illness prevention, and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. University Health Services also serves as a resource for health education materials. The staff of University Health Services is available to other areas of the University to provide quality educational presentations with a focus on taking personal responsibility for one's health and wellness.

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