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The following forms are available for you to download. The Immunization Form is required for every enrolled PART-TIME or FULL-TIME UNDERGRAD OR GRAD student of Fordham University per the New York State Department of Health. The following Vaccines are required by NYS Law 2 Measles, 1 Mumps and 1 Rubella, and the Meningitis vaccine or the refusing the Meningitis signed waiver. Please note that the Physical Examination portion of the Health Form is highly recommended for incoming undergraduate freshman only. Immunization Hotline 718-817-0940

Forms: Acrobat PDF: MS Word:
Immunization and Meninigitis waiver form and Undergraduate Physical Form

Allergy Injection form
Only for students who will want to get their Allergy shots at the University Health Services

Medical or Record Release Form


There is a $3.00 dollar charge for copies, Records cannot be sent out until we receive the form and payment

Advance Directives   www.health.state.ny.us/

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