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The Complete Conference in Videos
Friday, January 28th & Saturday January 29th, 2011

1. Friday Night 6 - 8 PM
The Known and the Unknown:
What the Data Show about Young Adults and the Church

Click picture for the video
Click the link for the transcript

1. Friday Evening
Transcript for the Friday evening session

General Introduction to the evening and conference by Moderator, Peter Steinels.
(4.37 minutes)
Speaker: James Davidson, professor emeritus of sociology, Purdue University
(34.44 minutes)
Respondent One: Melissa Cidade, dierector Pastoral Assistance Surveys and Services, CARA
(5.36 minutes)
Respondent Two: Robert Putnam, Malkin Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University
(12.27 minutes)
Panel Discussion
(29.48 minutes)
Q & A audience/panel
(23.40 minutes)

2. Saturday Morning
Welcome - 9:30 AM
Transcript for morning session one

Welcome, Review of Friday's sessions and Opening of the Morning's sessions by Christine Firer Hinze, Director of the Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies. (9.10 minutes)

Session One - 9:45 AM
On Your Own?

Christine Firer Hinze, Fordham University, Moderator
(3.56 minutes)
David Campbell, University of Notre Dame, panelist
(9.11 minutes)
Carmen Cervantes, Instituto Fe y Vida, panelist
(10.27 minutes)
Jen Sawyer, Fordham University, respondent
(5.39 minutes)
Greg Eirich, Columbia University, respondent
(5.04 minutes)
Q & A
(25.13 minutes)

Session Two - 11 AM
Sex and the City of God
Transcript for session two

Robert Parmach, Fordham University, Moderator
(3.40 minutes)
Donna Freitas, Hofstra University, panelist
(11.32 minutes)
Colleen Carroll Campbell, author, columnist, television and radio host, panelist
(11.36 minutes)
Patrick Landry, middle school teacher and Northwestern University graduate student, respondent
(7.13 minutes)
Paul Schutz, musician, liturgist, and Fordham University graduate student, respondent
(6.16 minutes)
Q & A
(19.46 minutes)

3. Saturday Afternoon
Session Three - 1 PM
Popular Culture and Catholic Culture

Transcript for session three

Tom Beaudoin, Fordham University, Moderator
(7.09 minutes)
Bill McGarvey, former editor-in-chief, BustedHalo.com, Panelist
(11.22 minutes)
Rachel Bundang, Marymount School, Panelist
(9.38 minutes)
Matthew Boudway, associate editor, Commonweal, respondent
(5.25 minutes)
Amanda Daloisio, New York Catholic Worker, Witness Against torture Community, respondent
(5.20 minutes)
Q & A
(12.01 minutes)

Session Four - 2 PM
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For:"
Yearnings of the Spirit

Transcript for session four

Angela Alaimo O'Donnell, Fordham University, Moderator
(7.28 minutes)
Marilyn Santos, Youth and Enculturation Ministries, Archdiocese of Atlanta, Panelist
(11.06 minutes)
Tami Schmitz, Campus Ministry, University of Notre Dame, Panelist
(12.07 minutes)
Joe Nuzzi, St. Francis of Assisi parish, Manhattan, respondent
(7.05 minutes)
Meredith Fabian, Ascension parish, Manhattan, respondent
(7.49 minutes)
Q & A
(8.52 minutes)

Session Five - 3:15 PM
An Inconvenient Church:
Reasons to Love or Lose Catholicism
Transcript for session five

James Martin, S.J., America, Moderator, Introduction
(18.29 minutes)

includes video: What Twenty-Somethings Are Saying About the Church
Rev. Robert Beloin, Yale University, respondent
(6.07 minutes)
Lisa Cataldo, Fordham University, respondent
(9.13 minutes)
Dana Dillon, Providence College, respondent
(4.19 minutes)
Malik Muhammed, Fordham Graduate Student, respondent
(6.16 minutes)
Panel Discussion
(4.27 minutes)

Session Six - 4 PM
Lost and Found:
"Nobody does it alone, Jack."

Transcript for session six

James Martin, S.J., Moderator, Introduction and Review (7.29 minutes)
Panel Discussion (17.08 minutes)
Q & A (26.50 minutes)
Closing Remarks
(2.32 minutes)

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