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"What Do They Say About Fordham"

What Do They Say About Fordham?
  David Hartman on PBS's program "A Walk Through the Bronx" describes the Rose Hill Campus. (89 seconds)
    "Fordham rated one of the 25 hottest schools in America" Newsweek story reported on the local TV news, September, 2007.
(1 minute 48 seconds)
  Rev. Joseph Currie, S.J., Director of Campus Ministries
(62 seconds)
    Spero Dedes, class of 2001, announcer for the LA Lakers
(45 seconds)
  Law School Professor Robin Lenhardt
(49 seconds)
    Peter Franco , class of 2006 at the College at Rose Hill. (80 seconds)
  Professor Mark Massa, S.J., teacher, author, Director of the Curran Center for American Catholic Studies.
(60 seconds)
    Nancy Gillis, graduate student in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.
(80 seconds)
Presentation of the colors   Joseph M. McShane, S.J., President of Fordham University, as recently Interviewed by PBS on the meaning of Fordham Jesuit Education.
(53 seconds)
    Vivian Nixon, Dance Major, class of 2006 at the College at Lincoln Center.
(37 seconds)
Presentation of the colors   Professor Barbara Mundy, Associate Professor and Chair of the Art History Department.
(79 seconds)
    Tony Riali, class of 2000, ESPN "Around the Horn" Host
(120 seconds)
Presentation of the colors   Varsity Basketball coach, Dereck Whittenburg
(45 seconds)
    Ed Smith, class of 2008 at the College and the weatherman on the "Fordham Nightly News" daily T-V news program.
(80 seconds)

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