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Models of Poverty and Human Development


USAID (2005) Developing and Assessing Poverty Assessment Tools:

Uganda Accuracy Report: Uses survey data to predict

             Household poverty using key data on assets and other characteristics using

                a range of regression techniques from OLS to Probit


Health Poverty Traps


Chakraborty. S and M. Das (2003) “ Mortality, Human Capital and Persistent Inequality


Duration models (or survival analysis):


MIT Open Course: Research methods for Doctoral Students (2004)


Cleves,M,. W. Gould, and R G. Gutierrez (2004) Survival Analysis Using Stata,

Revised Ed 1-881228-84-3 Stata Publications. Nice introduction to survival analysis,

See also chapter 2 on hazard functions. 


University of Essex 2005 Course on Survival Analysis with Stata  EC698 Stephen Jenkins


Stephen P. Jenkins and J. A. Rigg (2001) Dynamics of poverty in Britain

(nice application of survival analysis).


Ralph Sezter (2005) The Political Economy of Fixed Exchange rates: a survival analysis”

            Another nice application of survival analysis.


Instrumental Variables


Baum Chapter 2  Chapter 8


Program Evaluation: Ravallion (2005) Evaluating Anti-poverty Programs


Panel and Dynamic Panel Econometrics


Roodman, David (2006) How to Do xtabond2: An Introduction to "Difference" and "System" GMM in Stata –

CGD Working Paper 103, Washington D.C.


PC-Give Panel Online help    PC-Give Manuel Panel Chapter    Eviews Panel Estimation Chapter


University of Essex 2005 Course on Panel Methods  EC698 part II


Attanasio, Orazio, Lucio Picci and Antonello Scorcu (1998) “Savings, Growth and Investment: A

      Macroeconomic analysis using a panel of countriesUniversity of London nice discussion

of N and T tradeoffs and methods – working paper version of ReStat 2000 paper below.


Attanasio, Orazio, Lucio Picci and Antonello Scorcu (2000) “Savings, Growth and Investment: A

            macroeconomic analysis using a panel of countriesReview of Economics and Statistics, 82:2,182-211.


Attanasio, Orazio, Costas Meghir and Miguel Szekely (2003) “Using randomized experiments and structural

models of scaling up: Evidence from the   Progresa evaluation” ABCDE Conference, Bangalore, India.


Baltagi, (2000) To Pool or not to Pool : Homogenous Versus Heterogeneous Estimators Applied to Cigarette

            Demand” Review of Economics and Statistics, 82:1,117-126.


Judson, Ruth and Ann Owen (1996) “Estimating Dynamic Panel Data Models: A Practical Guide

            for Macroeconomists” Federal Reserve Board of Governors, January 1996


Lloyd, Tim, Oliver Morrissey and Robert Osei (2001) “Problems with Pooling in Panel Data Analysis for

Developing Countries: The Case of Aid and Trade Relationships” CREDIT Research Paper No. 01/14

            University of Nottingham, UK.


 Loading Pooled and Panel Data into Eviews 5.1  Some papers on Panel Econometrics



Paper/thesis writing style guidelines:


John Cochrane’s Writing Tips for PhD Students  


Fordham University GSAS Guidelines


Obstfeld and Rogoff’s International Economics

Notation Guide and Chapter 1 Equations


Paper and dissertation writing guidelines for my students


Examples of Accepted Dissertation proposals:


Samir Gadio (2005) “Sectoral Impacts of Financial Liberalization in LDCs”

Juan Molina  Remittances (2004) Investment, And Inequality In Developing Countries

Mustapha A. Akinkunmi (2003) Openness and Money Demand in LDCs: A Dynamic Panel Approach

Beryl Chang (2005) “Who benefits from greater access to consumer credit and how?”


Completed Dissertation Examples

Marcelo LaFluer (2004) Exchange Rate Policy and Regional Integration: Does it Pay to be Different?

Photocopy of John Nash’s Thesis


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Excel Template for Regression Tables

Word Template for Regression Tables

Stata Transfer6  (unzip to any directory on hard drive and run setup)


PhD Students: where at they now?


Mustapha Abiodun Akinkunmi

Jovis Bellot (USAID consultant to the Central Bank of Haiti)

Beryl Chang

Peter Jacobs

Luseni Kamara

Marcelo La Fluer,

Mary Laecy (Asst. Professor of Economics at Wagner College)

Brenda Killen-Hardy

Apolinar Mesa (now teaching Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra and

            Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo in their Master’s Program)

Samir Gadio

Juan Molina (CRS San Antonio Advocate for Immigration Policy)