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Grades, transcripts and diplomas are maintained by the Office of Academic Records, a division within the Fordham University Enrollment Group.  Please note:  The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.
Grade Information

If the grade appears blank on my.fordham, please check back again later. Your grade may not have been processed yet. Grades are due with the Office of Academic Records two to three days after the final exam for most schools, including all undergraduate schools and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Please note that some schools no longer mail final grade reports. For questions about grades received, please contact your professor or your respective dean's office. 

Determining GPA for major or minor

Transcript Information
Duplicate diplomas
When requesting a duplicate diploma complete the Duplicate Diploma Request Form. Please provide your name, name used while attending school (if different), date of birth, school attended, degree awared, year of graduation, a day time phone number and if applicable, where you would like the diploma sent. YOU MUST SIGN THE REQUEST. 

The cost for a duplicate diploma is $20. If you wish to have the diploma mailed, please include an additional $10 mailing fee.

Please drop off or mail the signed duplicate diploma request along with payment to the appropriate enrollment service office based upon school attended:
Rose Hill  - FCRH, GSB (formally CBA), GSAS, GRE. PCS-rh (formally LS)
Lincoln Center/Westchester - FCCL, GBA, GED, GSS, PCS-lc-w(formally LS)

Note: Duplicate diplomas are ordered twice a year during the months of January and July, and take 8-10 weeks to arrive once the order is placed with the printer.

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