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What is FAST?

The Fordham Alumni Support Team, or FAST, is a volunteer organization comprised of passionate alumni who are eager to assist the Office of Admission in recruiting our next class.

FAST Members are based in many areas of the country with National Advisory Board (NAB) members based in Boston, Philadelphia, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Albany, Houston, and Cleveland. NAB members are the regional coordinators for area FAST members for that region. FAST is used in different capacities dependent upon the season.

  • Attend Regional Receptions. Members are invited to regional information sessions for prospective students in various locations around the country. FAST members help with greeting students and families and assisting in the presentation, and Q and A. Many times prospective students are excited to hear about what life after Fordham may hold for them.

• Cover college fairs. If a member of the Admissions staff is unable to attend a fair, FAST members can volunteer to represent the University. Before the event, the Director of FAST will ship materials and a "College Night 101" booklet to prepare you for the program.

  • Attend Admitted Student Receptions. Requirements for this event are similar to that of the fall regional receptions.
• Host a small Admitted Student Reception. In smaller markets we may ask you to host an event at your home or place of business for admitted students.

• Contact Admitted students in your area. FAST members participate in Phone-a-thons e-mail outreach, or postcard campaigns to yield accepted students.

  • Host Summer Send-Offs for incoming freshman. Host a less formal event for incoming freshmen in your area. This year, events were held in San Diego, Chicago and New Jersey. Past years' locations included Albany, Boston and Nashville and included picnics, barbecues and minor league baseball games.

  • Attend Annual FAST Workshop. This yearly event happens close to Homecoming festivities or the Athletic Hall of Fame induction. It is a great way to catch up with other alumni, brush up on Fordham statistics, and learn new ways to support your Alma Mater.

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