Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Law Basics

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The American Bar Association views a broad liberal arts curriculum as the preferred preparation for law school, and does not recommend any undergraduate majors or courses to prepare for a legal education. Indeed, students are admitted to law school from every academic discipline.

While the Pre-law Advising Program is not a major at Fordham College at Rose Hill, students aspiring to enter the legal profession must excel academically and pursue a well-rounded undergraduate education.

The decision to attend law school is a difficult one— jobs are scarce and tuition is high. Nonetheless, a career in law is right for many, and the Pre-Law Advising Program seeks to help you navigate this decision through one-on-one advising. Our goals are to ensure that you have a full and meaningful understanding of legal practice and are prepared to gain admission to the nation's best law schools.

In addition to one-on-one advising, the pre-law advising program includes several programs such as:

  • On-campus practice LSATs
  • Alumni mentoring
  • Internship Opportunities
  • LSAT preparation

Pre-Law Symposium

Each fall semester, Ms. Burke teaches the Pre-Law Symposium, a one-credit, pass/fail course. As part of the symposium, several notable guest speakers in various fields of law, including Fordham alumni, share their experience in the legal field with students. The symposium provides students with a broad snapshot of the professional and intellectual opportunities provided by a legal education.

Please contact Ms. Burke if you have any additional questions.

Working with the Pre-Law Advisor

Erin M. Burke, JD, Director of Pre-Law Advising, works with current students and graduates on the following areas:

  • LSAT Preparation
  • Application Strategies
  • The Personal Statement
  • Work and Internship Experience
  • School Selection

Ms. Burke is a former practicing securities litigation attorney, as well as an alumna of both Fordham Law School and Fordham College at Rose Hill, where she graduated summa cum laude. You are welcome to make a pre-law advising appointment using the booking link below.

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