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Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Endowing scholarships is essential to ensuring that all deserving students regardless of their financial circumstances are able to receive the quality education that Fordham University can offer them. Since government aid for higher education is unlikely to significantly increase over the next few years, more students will become dependent on scholarships. It is only through the help of generous alumni and friends that Fordham will be able to continue to offer competitive financial aid packages that attract the most qualified students.

By establishing an endowment or fellowship you are creating a permanent tribute to the person whose name it bears. The name or the criteria of the scholarship can always be augmented at any time. For many families, adding gifts to a scholarship fund has become a time honored tradition. For gifts of $50,000 and more, donors will receive annual reports on the financial status of the fund and profiles of the students who are receiving the award. During the spring, donors and scholarship recipients get the chance to come together at an annual reception that honors both of them.

In addition, donors at this level of giving become members of the esteemed President's Circle, the core group of benefactors who support the University's mission at the highest level.

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