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Career Insights Data Offer New Tools to Navigate Job Market

CareerInsights Data Offer New Tools to Navigate Job Market


by Jennifer Spencer

Fordham Career Services has just launched CareerInsights, a Web-based platform offering Fordham students access to data about their peers’ career paths. The system will help students make more informed decisions about their job search.

CareerInsights offers aggregate data about where Fordham graduates and current students have worked or interned.

For example, a philosophy major could see not only what employers have hired Fordham philosophy majors in the past, but also when during the calendar year those offers were made and what kinds of salaries have been offered.

Stefany Fattor, director of career services, said this kind of data gives students beneficial insight as they look for jobs.

“This is Fordham data for Fordham students,” she said. “CareerInsights gives students the ability to make better decisions about where they are applying as well as better ability to negotiate job offers.”

While the University has long surveyed graduating seniors about their post-graduate employment, the CareerInsights system will offer deeper insight into student internships.

Career Services also believes the ease of the system—students volunteer their employment information via a three-minute process on any device connected to the Internet—will help much more data become available much more quickly.

David Schwartz, a senior in the Gabelli School of Business, is one of three student engagement specialists tasked with educating and engaging students in CareerInsights which is built on a technology by vendor 12Twenty.

Once a student enters his or her data about internships and jobs into the system, they are able to search the database for information to aid their own job search.

“For students still looking for jobs, CareerInsights enables them to drill down and get a broader look at where students are being hired, when they’re being hired, and how much they’re being offered, helping students know which employers to target when,” Schwartz said.

Fattor said the platform will also give Career Services the ability to reach out to seniors who are still looking for work.

Though students accessing CareerInsights will never be able to see to person-specific data, Career Services staff will be able to access lists of students who don’t yet have jobs and invite those people into their office.

“With this new system, we believe Fordham's placement rate will go up, and more importantly, we’ll be able to help Fordham students better,” she said.

Fordham is the first university offering the CareerInsights platform to its liberal arts colleges.

“We are really one of the first in the country to be doing this, and it’s making a lot of waves amongst other universities who are interested in what we’re doing,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz and his colleagues will continue to get students signed up for CareerInsights, through a busy schedule of events over the spring semester. The more students sign up for the system, the better the data becomes—and the better equipped Career Services will be to help students who have not yet visited their offices.

“I tell students, everything you put in the system—every job offer, every tidbit, it's like you're pumping gold into Fordham in terms of the ways this will benefit students both in the short- and long-term. Students are excited by that. It's an easy way to help,” Fattor said.

Students can sign up for CareerInsights at Fordham’s Career Services site.

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