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Career Services Support Extends to Alumni Seeking Jobs

Career Services Support Extends to Alumni Seeking Jobs

By Jennifer Spencer

As a whole new class of Fordham graduates settle into life after college, the Career Services team would like to remind them that they still have access to many of the job search resources they enjoyed as students.

Alumni career counselor Jorimel Zaldivar said that providing career support to alumni is part of the University’s ongoing commitment to its community.

“We’re always here, even after you’ve graduated. I love the Jesuit concept of man doing work for fellow man and woman, and I feel that’s integral to the nature of the work that we do here as an office,” Zaldivar said.

Fordham provides its alumni with one-on-one career counseling, monthly career workshops, as well as access to the alumni networking database and CareerLink, Fordham’s online job board—all free of charge.

Alumni are also welcome to attend Career Services events and Career Fairs, details of which are also found on the CareerLink calendar. Two Fordham alumni also host a monthly Career Continuance Support Group at the Lincoln Center campus.

“Transitions at any point in your life are perfectly fine to ponder, and it’s great that alumni can come back and discuss their goals with us,” Zaldivar said.

While more than 300 alumni are registered on CareerLink, Zaldivar hopes more alumni will take advantage of the offerings.

“We recognize that once you graduate, you have other resources to turn to, but we want to make it known this could be one of those resources,” he said.

Tapping into the rich network of Fordham alumni is valuable for graduates at any stage of their career, said Annette McLaughlin, a career strategist who delivers workshops for alumni at Fordham.

McLaughlin said that while building networking relationships can take time, the rewards are vast.

“The Fordham family and network have been so incredibly generous, as far as giving of their time, to give advice, to do mock interviews, and helping out in different ways. The Fordham alumni are very willing to talk to people and help guide them as best they can,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin’s workshops for Fordham alumni include several sessions on networking as well as seminars on social media, developing your “personal brand,” positioning yourself for future growth, and developing a career portfolio.

Zaldivar said many recent graduates who visit his office are still in the process of thinking about how they will use their Fordham degree in the world of work—and that’s OK.

“We’re happy to start that process of talking about what you can do with your degree without judgment if graduates never visited the office when they were in college,” Zaldivar said. Zaldivar counsels alumni on networking and interview skills as well as performing resume critiques.

With the constantly changing nature of the world of work, McLaughlin said her seminars help people stay up to speed with changes in the job search process, such as effective use of LinkedIn, and the long, multi-round interview process that is commonplace in today’s market.

However, McLaughlin said her best advice for landing a job in a tight market goes right back to the core values that Fordham students learn from the moment they step onto campus.

“What really works is persistence, professionalism, and a positive attitude,” she said. “Attitude is so important.”

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