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Fordham Online Resources Make Job Search Easy, Successful

Fordham Online Resources Make Job Search Easy, Successful

By Jennifer Spencer

While Fordham's CareerLink database isn't the only online source of job and internship listings for Fordham students, Career Services says it has an important distinction that places it heads and shoulders above the rest—the Fordham family.

CareerLink is an online database that is exclusive to Fordham students. Built on software created by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Career Link is a system that's just as easy for employers to use as it is for students.

Holly Rotchin, associate director, Career Services, Lincoln Center, said there were 2,572 opportunities on the Fordham-specific job board when she checked late-August.

"Career Link is dedicated to the Fordham community," Rotchin said. "We do have a lot of Fordham alumni who are looking to hire Fordham students.

"We have strong relationships with employers in the area, and being in New York we have so much access to contacts across all fields."

Alex Kipel, a senior in the Gabelli School of Business, said CareerLink's user interface made his internship application process easy. Interviewing with people who had first-hand experience with Fordham's reputation helped him successfully land the internship.

"In my experience, Fordham's online CareerLink compares to no other, simply because the recruiters on there are Fordham alumni or really have a vested interest in hiring Fordham students," he said.

Kipel will start an internship at a division of UBS headed by a Fordham alumnus this fall.

Access to CareerLink is available to all Fordham students, but to unlock certain areas of the site, students must participate in prerequisite workshops offered by Career Services.

Completing the first two workshops, World of Work and Resume and Cover Letter, allows students to view jobs and internships on CareerLink.

Rotchin said the seminars can be completed in an hour and help give Fordham students a competitive edge.

"We want to make sure students are prepared to be competitive. Offering these workshops as prerequisites ensures they go in there strong," Rotchin said.

Students are also encouraged to take the level 2 workshops, Interviewing and Professional Dress and Etiquette, in order to gain access to on-campus recruiting opportunities.

Rotchin said Career Service's workshops give students a unique access into the minds of what employers want to hear—information that helps them land the job. "We have surveyed so many employers and asked them what exactly is it that they're looking for. In response to their feedback, we developed these workshops," she said.

Caroline Heafey, a junior in Fordham College at Lincoln Center, said she completed all four workshops in the course of one afternoon. It turns out to have been time well-invested. She applied for two internships on Career Link, received two interviews, and accepted a position after just a couple of weeks of looking.

"For one of the applications I sent out, I got a response within 24 hours, and was able to set up an interview," she said.

Heafey starts her internship in the marketing department at academic publisher Continuum this month.

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