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Fordham Residences Offer Convenient, Consistent Summer Housing

Fordham Residences Offer Convenient, Consistent Summer Housing

by Jennifer Spencer

Though there’s no question that campus life slows down over summer, there’s still plenty of activity at Fordham’s Residence Life department.

Fordham residence halls provide housing for more than 500 Fordham students and hundreds of people from all over the world who are in New York for conferences and short-term courses during the summer months.

Demand for residence hall housing is greater at Lincoln Center, where about 350 students take advantage of the convenient summer housing option in the heart of Manhattan. Jenifer Campbell, director of residential life for Lincoln Center, said that the consistency of services is a big point of attraction for many students—and parents—who make the choice to spend the summer in Lincoln Center’s McMahon Hall.

“You know that you have support in place, regardless of where you are in the city, and that someone is available to provide that support as we normally would during the academic year,” Campbell said.

“Convenience is also a big factor in that students don’t have to worry about being someplace that’s unfamiliar or having to commute to the outer boroughs late at night when their internships run late,” she said.

While about 200 students live at the Rose Hill campus over summer, many who live at Rose Hill during the academic year take advantage of the opportunity to live in Manhattan for the summer, said Kimberly Russell, director of residential life for Rose Hill.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Russell said. “I think many parents want their children to be able to have that experience of living in Manhattan, and in a structured way, and the summer allows that.”

Summer housing runs in two sessions, roughly one month each for June and July, giving students a degree of flexibility. Summer housing applications for both campuses typically open up around April and availability is first-come, first-served.

Fordham students who live on campus over the summer have the unique experience of interacting with hundreds of people from all over the world who live at Fordham for a few days or weeks at a time through conference housing.

Richard Waite, director of conference services, said Lincoln Center plays host each year to a group of Spanish business students, a summer intensive for the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, and social work students from Japan.

Sharing residence and dining halls with students from around the world can lead to global friendships. Campbell shared the story of a Fordham resident assistant and Spanish major who worked in McMahon Hall over the summer. Through friendships made with the Spanish business students, he was able to better establish himself in Spain as a teacher after graduation.

“It just adds to the academic profile and experiences that students have here at Fordham,” Campbell said.

At Rose Hill, Waite and his team work to house more than 500 people over the summer through a series of high school leadership conferences and English language learning programs. Waite said it’s the perfect way to showcase Fordham’s campus at the height of its beauty.

“It’s a great way for people who are looking at colleges to experience Fordham, especially our international guests. They’re staying in nice facilities, get to try the food, and use the outside facilities,” he said. “People fall in love with both campuses.”

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