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On the Rise

On the Rise

Fordham Law School and undergraduate residence hall Designed by famed architects Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the new Fordham Law School and undergraduate residence hall will open in fall 2014. The eco-friendly high-rise will more than double the Law School's academic space and feature common living spaces and study lounges, a movie theater, a dining hall, and great views. Renderings courtesy of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

by Nicole LaRosa
Originally appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of FORDHAM Magazine

Big changes are coming to Fordham's Lincoln Center campus—more housing, more academic space, and more programs tailored to fit undergraduate students' needs and New York's growing industries.

The new Fordham Law School and undergraduate residence tower is still a year away from completion, but the 22-story building is already creating space for the biggest expansion of the University's undergraduate programs in Manhattan since Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) was established in 1968.

When the new building opens in fall 2014, the top-ranked Gabelli School of Business will expand from its Rose Hill home to join FCLC—as well as the graduate schools of business, education, law, and social service—on Fordham's Manhattan campus. During the past year, faculty and deans in both undergraduate colleges have developed new degree programs that will prepare students for New York City's growing industries and the global job market.

Students at Gabelli Lincoln Center will earn a Bachelor of Science in global business and choose from several new concentrations that "marry our strengths in liberal arts with our strengths in business," said Gabelli Dean Donna Rapaccioli, Ph.D., GSB '83.

Capitalizing on the city's tech boom, Gabelli's new digital media and technology concentration will draw on several disciplines, "so that a person would be skilled to advance a career through a lot of different paths," said Rapaccioli, adding that students will benefit from some "well-placed" alumni at Google and other tech firms.

The new management concentration with a special focus on healthcare will be guided by the faculty of Fordham's Global Healthcare Innovation Management Center, which, through research, aims to help make healthcare more accessible and affordable worldwide.

Fordham College at Lincoln Center will also be offering a new globally oriented program—a major in humanitarian studies taught by experienced faculty who have led relief missions in dozens of countries. The new program, administered by the University's Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs, will feature a weeklong foreign-service program complemented by student internships in New York City-based international NGOs.

For science and pre-med majors, the college will offer a new degree in the growing field of integrative neuroscience. Students will be trained in research methods specific to this multifaceted field, said chemistry professor Joan Roberts, Ph.D., who studies the effects of light on the eye. "Our students will be able to conduct innovative research," said Roberts, "both at Lincoln Center and in other medical centers throughout New York City."

No matter their major, 400 undergraduates will have the chance to be the first residents of the campus's new living space—a gleaming glass tower that rises above the new Fordham Law School, which will occupy the building's first nine floors. "The new residence is designed with freshman students in mind, to build community and friendship," said Robert Grimes, S.J., dean of FCLC.

Prospective students will soon be able to learn about these offerings through campus tours, group information sessions, and open-house events, said John Buckley, GSE '89, associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment.

"Given the new residence hall," he said, "the quality of the Jesuit educational experience at Lincoln Center, and the remarkable location in New York City, we feel we have an exceptional experience to offer undergraduate students."

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Fordham Law School and undergraduate residence hall

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