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The Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice

The Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice

The Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice (CSJ) is grounded in the Jesuit philosophy of homines pro aliis, men and women for and with others. We want our students to reach their full potential of mind and heart beyond the self by serving in and learning from our surrounding communities. By encouraging our students to engage in praxis—an ongoing process of action and reflection—we are able to support and challenge them to fully engage in and learn from their experiences. Seeking the faith that does justice, we encourage our students to use their two feet of social action, learning solidarity through both serving directly and working for social change.

At Fordham, we recognize our responsibility to the community in which we are established and to which we are connected. We serve as a liaison between the Fordham community and the local community offering a variety of University resources and access to support the exceptional work of our community partners.

From the time students enter Fordham through graduation, students are invited to get involved in our office and become leaders in the Fordham and local community. The Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice has partnerships with more than 200 nonprofits, government agencies and community organizations with which students get involved. Most recently, the CSJ has created the Justice Council, which builds leadership in student volunteers empowering them to serve as facilitators and change agents in their own lives and communities.

Aligned with Fordham's mission as a Jesuit university, service learning aims to form students in a 'well-educated solidarity' and to provide an opportunity to apply academic resources to the work of social justice. As a living-learning initiative, service learning offers students an opportunity to expand their academic experience by bringing together service in the community with the learning resources of a course. Service learning at Fordham takes two forms, the Interdisciplinary Seminar and Integrated Service Learning courses.

To learn more about the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice, students can visit our website at or visit the offices in the McGinley Center at the Rose Hill campus or the street level of Lowenstein Center at the Lincoln Center campus. There is a volunteer fair and volunteer orientations held at the beginning of each academic year to provide information about our work.

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