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There are two Global Transition Student Coordinators - one at Rose Hill and one at Lincoln Center. These two Student Coordinators function as the student extension of the administrative office of Global Transition. You would be very involved in the planning and execution of the Global Trnasition program, and would serve as the direct line of communication with student leaders (Global Transition Assistants), new students, and other Fordham offices about Global Transition.

The deadline to apply is Friday, October 7

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About Global Transition

Global Transition is a five-day program to welcome undergraduate international students to Fordham and help with adjustment to the first days and weeks here. During Global Transition, new students will have the opportunity to meet and get to know other international students from all over the world, and to attend important and helpful information sessions about Fordham. There are also many fun activities and events held throughout the program, which allow participants to get to know their surroundings, and the Fordham community. During Global Transition, you will also be able to ask current Fordham students all the questions you may have about life at Fordham.

In addition to fun and informative activities and sessions, each new student will be put in a small group with other international students and one or two current Fordham students. These student leaders will help facilitate conversation, give advice, and provide support to the new students during Global Transition, and throughout the semester! They give the new students a unique perspective on the Fordham experience. The friendships you will form during Global Transition will help you feel more comfortable at Fordham and will provide you with a great foundation for your Fordham career. Global Transition is a wonderful program that truly will help you transition to Fordham and New York and we can't wait for you to join us.

In 2015 Global Transition welcomed new students from 39 different countries, including China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Thailand, nearly all the countries of western Europe, many countries in Latin America, as well as some parts of Africa.

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Global Transition 2016

The 2016 Global Transition program will take place from Tuesday, August 23– Saturday, August 27

Attendance at Global Transition is mandatoryfor all visa-holding undergraduate students starting at Fordham. Global Transition is also open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and other visa holders coming to Fordham from abroad.
ALL incoming F-1 students will be charged a Global Transition fee of $200. U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and other visa holders (except J-1) who wish to participate in Global Transition will also be charged the $200 Global Transition fee.

Check out our new GT 2016 Welcome Video! In this video, you can see most of the GTAs who will be welcoming you in August. Also be sure to check out our videos from past years to learn more about Global Transition and life at Fordham.

Learn more about the students in the Rose Hill GT Team!

Learn more about the students in the Lincoln Center GT Team!

Scheduling Information

Global Transition includes fun activities, as well as interesting and informative sessions about: Cultural Adjustment; Immigration Regulations, Tips, Rules, and other info; Academics/going to college in the US and at Fordham; the diversity of cultures at Fordham and in the US; and the Jesuit Mission and Identity at Fordham.

These sessions and activities take place on Wednesday 8/24, Thursday 8/25, and Friday 8/26. Your attendance is mandatory each of these days, throughout the entire day!

You will nothave the opportunity to meet with family during these days. Therefore, please do not make plans with family on 8/24, 8/25, and 8/26!

On Tuesday, 8/23, new students living on campus will move in. During this day, we also offer trips to stores where you can purchase important supplies like bed sheets, towels, personal care products, and accessories for your room (if you will need to go on one of these trips, make sure you have a form of payment available).
If your family will accompany you on your arrival at Fordham, on Tuesday, you will be free to spend time with your family until 6 p.m. At 6 p.m., your attendance at Global Transition will be required. **After Tuesday, the next time you will have availability to see your family will be Friday after 5 p.m. Please plan accordingly!**

Note: we do offer a number of fun excursions throughout the program. Some of these do cost a little money, so please make sure to have some US cash with you when you arrive.

On Saturday, we offer a number of optional fun trips into different parts of New York City. These trips are optional, so you are encouraged, but not required, to attend.

New Student Orientation begins on Sunday, August 28, and your attendance is mandatory and required.

There are also a few events held for parents during the Global Transition program. As the students are taking their first steps into their Fordham careers, we invite parents to learn a little more about what Fordham has to offer as well!

Social Media

Global Transition is on Facebook! Like our Facebook page. This is a great way to see and start talking to other new international students, and also to ask any questions you may have. Your Global Transition Assistants are members of this group, and are excited to help you however they can! Follow Global Transition on Twitter! OrgSync is another great way to connect with us. It gives all students access to information about any club on either campus! Follow our OrgSync page for additional updates about Global Transition! Keep up to date with events and information as we begin to prepare for Global Transition 2015.