St. Brigid Theology and Beer Society

St. Brigid’s love of God inspired her to found a double monastery, housing both men and women, in Cill-Dara (Kildare) in the late 5th century. This foundation developed into a center of learning and spirituality that attracted many. She recognized that the needs of the body and the needs of the spirit are one. Brigid was an outstanding woman of her times, renowned for interminable charity and compassion. This drew her to serve those on the margins of society. Stories of her heroic virtue and miracles are legendary, which include changing a tub of bathwater into beer!

Inspired by St. Brigid’s thirst for God and thirst for humanity, Fordham University offers a unique opportunity for students 21 and over to explore contemporary issues and topics from a faith perspective in a casual atmosphere over a pint. Each semester religious and lay speakers facilitate talks to encourage thought provoking conversations about faith and daily life that foster growth in, as proclaimed by St. Ignatius of Loyola, an “awareness of God in all things.”

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Office of Campus Ministry