Rose Hill

Bronx, N.Y. 
Parking at Rose Hill will be inside our indoor five level parking facility. Handicapped spaces are located adjacent to elevators and on the second level to provide easy access for the physically challenged. Vehicles higher than 82" cannot be accommodated within our parking facility. Parking at Fordham is based on a user fee schedule. Parking costs are not included in tuition or room / board costs, therefore; people who do not use the facility are not charged. All students, faculty, administrators, staff and visitors that require space must pay the posted parking fee. Parking is charged each time a vehicle enters campus unless an annual permit for daytime or overnight parking has been obtained from the Office of Public Safety. Annual parking permits are charged to students' accounts or through payroll deductions.

University parking is accessed through our main entrance on Southern Boulevard. All traffic must turn left after the guard station and proceed into the indoor facility. Pick up and drop offs will take place at the guard station and fees will not be charged.

Motor Vehicle Regulations Effective September 1, 2011

General Information 
Fordham University maintains an indoor parking facility available for use by our faculty, students, administrators, staff visitors, and public. Vehicles enter via the Southern Boulevard entrance. University Public Safety Staff are responsible for the safety and control of campus traffic. Kindly comply with the directions of the Security Guards on duty.

The University is NOT LIABLE for personal injury, damage to vehicles, vandalism, and theft of a vehicle or its contents. Lock all valuables out of sight, preferably in the trunk of the car, and lock all car doors.

All Vehicles enter Campus Parking Via the Southern Boulevard Entrance. Campus Parking Cannot be Guaranteed and is on a First - Come Basis. There is no University Insurance Coverage for Any of the Aforementioned Hazards. 

To use the parking facility, except as a visitor or public, a vehicle must be registered and parking fees must be paid. Registration fees are determined on a yearly basis, from September 1 to August 31. 

Vehicle registration must be completed via

When applying for a Fordham pass, you must complete a "Fordham Pass Application" form online. Each member of the University must present a Current Fordham University identification card along with a receipt of the online purchase.

The Office of Public Safety will provide Fordham pass that will be activated upon receipt. The pass must be visibly displayed on the windshield. If a vehicle does not have a Fordham pass affixed, the vehicle WILL NOT be permitted to make use of the parking facility unless a Visitor's parking fee of $12.00 is paid at the time of each entry.

The Fordham pass can be utilized for the entire time one is a member of the Fordham Community upon payment of an annual fee. 

Return of the Fordham pass is mandatory when one decides to no longer pay the annual fee or no longer works or studies here at Fordham. Should the Fordham pass not be returned to the Office of Public Safety, an automatic fee of $50.00 will be assessed via Payroll deductions and Student Accounts. While we are not initially charging members of the Faculty/Staff or  Students to issue the Fordham pass, failure to return it will result in the $50.00 fee being charged. Guests and Contractors who purchase a Fordham pass will be charged an additional $50.00 for the pass. That $50.00 will be returned upon the Contractor/Guest's return of the Fordham pass. 

Fordham University Classification and Fees 
Faculty Daily fee: $580.00
Faculty part-time Coupon Booklet (30 coupons) Part-Time fee: $190.00

Administrators and Staff Daily fee: $580.00
Alumni ( only when members of Lombardi or Walsh Library) Daily fee:  $580.00
Overnight Residents (24 hour) 24 Hour fee: $1,500.00
Assigned Parking Reserved fee: $580.00

Students Daily fee:$580.00
Students Part-time Coupon Booklet (30 coupons) Part-Time fee: $190.00

Visitor Daily each entrance Each entry: $12.00
Replacement for lost decal: $30.00
Failure to return Fordham Pass: $50.00

Illegally Parked Vehicles will be Towed at the Owners Expense


  • No vehicle may enter through Third Avenue entrance. 
  • Parking is restricted to our indoor parking garage. 
  • Overnight parking is permitted between the hours of 12:00 AM & 7:00 AM and the fee is an additional $12.00. 
  • Campus is restricted to holders of reserved spaces vehicles required to service the campus 
  • Passing of vehicles traveling in the same direction on campus is not permitted 
  • Maximum speed limit on campus is 15 m.p.h. 
  • Cars must be parked between stall lines 
  • No parking is permitted on campus roadways, sidewalks, or paths. 
  • No motorcycles, mopeds, mini bike, bicycles, or skateboarding are permitted on campus roads or paths. 
  • No pick-ups or drop-offs on campus are permitted except under special circumstances and cleared through Public Safety. 
  • Bicycles and mini bikes must park in authorized locations at Bathgate, Belmont, and Third Avenue gates and inside the lowest garage level. 

Penalties for Infractions of Rules:

  1. Any vehicle blocking the dumpster area will be booted without any warning. It is essential to be able to remove campus refuse. 
  2. Any vehicle blocking fire or access lanes will be booted without any warning 
  3. Any vehicle not displaying proper Fordham pass or current daily visitor receipt will be presumed to not have authorization to park and will be towed or booted without any warning  
  4. Any vehicle parked in fire, restricted are, restricted space, on campus paths or roadways, obstructing building entrances/exits will be booted without any warning 
  5. Any vehicle left overnight should expect to be booted without any warning unless they have an authorized/overnight decal 
  6. Immobilized (booted) vehicles for aforementioned violations will be released upon payment of a $30.00 fee. 

Towing is performed by a private company and the vehicle owner must pay the towing company for the cost of the vehicle removal PLUS storage charges for autos left past tow date. 

NOTE: Speeding or reckless driving will result in action against operator/owner of vehicle and may result in exclusion of vehicle from campus. The decal is removed from vehicle when it has been excluded from campus. A replacement fee will be charged at the end of the imposed penalty period to obtain another decal.