MS Programs

Many jobs call for training in one particular business niche. To prepare students to land those positions, Fordham's 12 Master of Science programs provide targeted knowledge and skills.

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These MS programs can often be completed quickly to allow rapid re-entry into the professional world—some in as little as nine months. Click on each program to learn more.

MS in Accounting

Offers comprehensive knowledge of the accounting field and prepares students to sit for the New York State CPA examination.

MS in Applied Statistics and Decision Making

Gives students the analytics skills to advocate for and execute informed decision-making at any company or organization.

MS in Business Analytics

Enables students to harness the power of information to move business forward by blending advanced data-processing techniques with strategic business thinking.

MS in Global Finance

Prepares students—even those without a business background—to understand the globally interconnected financial world, and to put those skills to work at multinational companies.

MS in Information Systems

Cultivates the next generation of business IT leaders: Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and other top-tier information management positions.

MS in Investor Relations

Develops the well-rounded skill set needed to foster good relationships between financial firms and their clients, covering finance and investments, effective communication, and legal and ethical principles.

MS in Management

This MS covers key management topics such as operations management, strategic planning, and global business analysis, while ensuring that students have a strong grounding in fundamental business disciplines.

MS in Marketing Intelligence

Prepares students for the fastest-growing areas in marketing through in-depth study of big data, customer behavior, and marketing decision models.

MS in Media Management

Serves current and future executives in traditional and digital media by merging business knowledge with an understanding of the specific practices and nuances of these fields.

MS in Nonprofit Leadership

Draws upon the resources of the graduate business school and the Fordham Graduate School of Social Service to offer a management education with a unique social justice perspective.

MS in Quantitative Finance

Trains students to model and value complex securities, design and implement creative portfolio management strategies, use the most up-to-date risk management systems, and perform a broad range of financial engineering tasks.

MS in Taxation

Establishes students as experts in taxation issues through the international level, offering an ideal master’s-level credential for attorneys, tax professionals, and others.