Majors and Minors

Dream big.

Female Student with Laptop in DormFordham offers more than 70 majors, minors, and pre-professional programs. Each gives you the tools you need to think clearly, to debate forcefully, and to find possible solutions for every problem.

That’s also the job of our core curriculum, which primes you for critical thought even as you're considering your major.

We're a wide-ranging university in a big city—the possibilities are enormous. Select a category below to learn more.

Lincoln Center or Rose Hill?

Most majors are offered at both of our campuses, but there are a few that are exclusive to one location. For instance, dance and theatre are at Lincoln Center while biological sciences and chemistry are at Rose Hill. Make sure to note when you see (LC only) which means only at Lincoln Center and (RH only) which means only at Rose Hill.

If you're torn between the two, learn more about the differences.

A Fordham story about making it work

Arts and Humanities


Communication and Media Studies

Computer and Information Sciences

Double Major/Individualized

Many of our students double major, double minor, and then take on a concentration for good measure. But if your particular areas of interest can't be fully satisfied by one of these combinations, then it's possible to pursue an individualized degree at Fordham, pending the approval of your dean. Learn more about the individualized major.

Education/Teacher Certification

Through our Graduate School of Education, we offer a 5-Year Integrated Teacher Education Track which allows you to complete a BA/BS in a liberal arts and science major and a 36 or 45 credit Master of Science in Teaching (MST).


Math and Economics

Modern Languages

Pre-Health and Pre-Law

While we do not offer majors in Pre-Health and Pre-Law, we have extensive advising programs at both Fordham College at Lincoln Center and Fordham College at Rose Hill that will prepare you to enter law or medical school after graduation.


Social Sciences

Theology and Religious Studies


Did you know that every year over 20% of our incoming class is undecided? And we think that's great. Helping you find a life path is one of the goals of a Jesuit education, and Fordham's core curriculum will expose you to a wide range of subjects and fields, so you can choose when you're ready.