J.D. Admissions

At Fordham Law, we look beyond numbers. 
Your LSATs and GPAs are helpful signposts; they are not the end of the road.

We consider your personal statement and wide range of experiences.
We select applicants who are innovative, passionate, and dedicated to the craft of lawyering.
We seek students who understand the Fordham Law difference and will take full advantage of our dynamic location and reputation for excellence.

Last year, we received over 5,000 applications, representing individuals from 29 states and 14 countries. 
Our most recent entering class of approximately 400 students came from diverse careers in the public and private sectors, military academies, music conservatories, liberal arts colleges, national research universities, and distinguished graduate programs ranging from engineering to theology.

We attract applicants who embody the spirit of service and those who are interested in our many international opportunities. 

Fordham Law students are engaged with the real world. They reflect our global society. They are an international community that represents diverse groups, perspectives, and interests. 

Are you among this group of creative learners and critical thinkers?
Start your legal journey with us and consider joining the Fordham Law family!

J.D. Admissions

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