Student Organizations

Entrepreneur Law Society


To support and foster interest in entrepreneurship in the next generation of Fordham lawyers.

What S.A.L.E. Does

Brings together students from different backgrounds with a passion for changing the economic environment of the country through innovation.

Supplements the first rate education of Fordham University School of Law with practical and experiential learning to prepare students to start, run, and counsel startups.

Brings speakers to campus to address issues affecting emerging technologies, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial law, and market opportunities.

Links students with alumni mentors to help facilitate the transition into the working world and provide a support network.

For more information or to join S.A.L.E, contact Herbie Weisburgh (Chair):

Working with the Fordham Law Alumni Entrepreneur Affinity Group

Geared towards creating a community of like-minded entrepreneurial professionals, the Fordham Law Alumni Entrepreneurial Affinity Group will provide networking opportunities to current students and alumni who share a passion for law and policy in a digital world.

Co-Chair: Sahar Hakakian and Robert Sanchez

For further information:

LinkedIn: Fordham Law Alumni Entrepreneur Affinity Group