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Network/WiFi Access

Stock photo of green circuit board - LGAccess to the Fordham Law network requires a valid account (i.e., username and password.) Students are issued their network accounts when they are accepted to the Law School.  A letter from Fordham Law School containing the network account of a student is sent via post mail to each student. Students can also acquire their network account after the first day of classes from the Law Help Desk in person. Account information will not be issued over the phone.

Network account credentials information should not be shared with anyone. Network accounts allow students access to the Law School's computer network, their personal 1GB bytes of network storage, network printers, and access to the Law School's support software programs.

WiFi Access

The University has installed wireless access points throughout the campus, providing wireless connectivity to the University's network and the Internet.

Wireless Network Name: Fordhamwifi
Wireless Standards: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g

Information Systems and Planning

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