Public Interest

Fordham law students have opportunities to gain experience in mediation and other ADR processes in the public interest setting. Through the Public Interest Resource Center, the Family Court Mediation Project (FCMP) offers custody and visitation mediation services to the public. For further details, visit the Public Interest Resource Center at Room 08, PIRC Office (Lower level.)

The Dispute Resolution Society has created the "Students in Teaching Effective Problem Solving in Mediation" (STEPS in Mediation) program. This initiative offers Fordham students the opportunity to enhance their ADR skills while providing a service to the New York community. After receiving training in mediation and counseling, law students teach problem-solving techniques to local junior and high school students.

Professor Katsoris has been an active participant in the Securities Industry Conference on Arbitration ("SICA"). SICA prepares, monitors and reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the Uniform Code of Arbitration as it is applicable to the arbitration of disputes between the public and securities industry.