Case Study: The Northern Ireland Experience

In 2001, Fordham Law faculty, in collaboration with the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, and Prof. Seamus Dunn of the University of Ulster prepared an international monograph on the Northern Ireland conflict. Using Northern Ireland as a case study, the monograph examined the possibility of cross-fertilization learning from the world of political conflicts to social/business conflicts. Seamus Dunn, "Case Study: The Northern Ireland Experience - Possibilities for Cross-Fertilization Learning," 6 Alternatives 153 (CPR Institute, June 2001). For more information see

Special Project - Analysis of Settlement Facility Developed in Employment Class Action

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has awarded a grant to Fordham University Law School's Conflict Resolution and ADR Program and the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution to analyze the settlement facility developed in an employment class action. The paper will contain a succinct analysis of the settlement facility to guide others interested in use of similar vehicles. The project has four phases; with an anticipated completion date of late 2004. For further information, contact Cathy Cronin-Harris at the CPR Institute ( or Fordham Adjunct Faculty, David White.

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