Teams and Competitions

2014-2015 Teams and Competitions

ABA Negotiation

Vincent Fuller
Robert Kantrowitz
Sydney Kipen
Edgar Mendoza
Alexandria Plaia
Rachelle Polsky
Allison Silverman
William Tevlin
Rebecca Zarett

In the ABA Negotiation Competition, teams of two students act as lawyers negotiating on behalf of their clients. Fordham is one of the most highly decorated schools in the nation in negotiation and has secured its place as one of the preeminent institutions for the practical application of negotiation theory. Fordham has won the Regional Negotiation Championship six times in the past ten years. The Society won the National Competition in 2003 and 2008. This fall the Society placed second in the Regional Competition. In February 2015, the advancing team became semifinalists the ABA Negotiation National Competition in Houston, Texas.

ABA Mediation

Maria Ariztizabal
Carly Kugler
Miranda Lievsay
Jack Nagano
Adam Natan
Rachel Orbach
Katey Peardon
Elizabeth Perez
Emily Safko
Trey Williams

In the ABA Representation in Mediation Competition, students act as both lawyers and clients. The lawyer-client teams work toward settlement with the aid of a neutral mediator. Fordham has a long history of success in mediation, including a national championship title. Fordham has swept the Regional Competition for five of the past seven years. Last year, the team won the Regional Competition and advanced to the National Competition. In February 2015, Fordham's two teams placed first and third at Regionals. The first place team is advancing to the ABA Mediation National Competition in Seattle, Washington.

International Mediation

John Almanzar
Lauren Ammons
Kristina Bergess
Catherine Cognetti
Shrisha Juneja
Amanda Kane
Elisabeth McMorris
Meredith Munro
Itai Raz

In the Spring of 2014, Fordham competed in the InterNational Academy of Dispute Resolution Mediation Competition in Chicago, IL. The competition is designed to test meditation skills with teams participating in mediator, advocate, and client roles. This competition includes teams from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Germany. Last year, the team placed 2nd for the team mediator award and 7th for the team advocate/client award. This year, the team competed in London, England and won Best Advocate/Client Team.

ICC International Commercial Mediation

Jesse Gooley
Joshua Stricoff

Held in Paris at the International Chamber of Commerce, the ICC Mediation Competition gives competitors an opportunity to test their problem-solving skills in a moot international business mediation. Competitors must apply ICC's ADR Rules to solve problems devised by a special drafting committee of international mediation experts. This competition is unique in that only certain distinguished schools are invited to compete. The Society was invited to the ICC's inaugural competition in 2006. Having consistently placed among the top teams, the Society has earned a strong reputation with the judges and an invitation in each successive year. In 2011, Fordham's team successfully navigated through 58 teams from 27 countries to win the Sixth Annual ICC Mediation Competition. In February 2015, Fordham won an award for Best Public Speaker.

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration

Ashley Gifford
Jessica Huse
Danielle Lawrence
Jacqueline Lefebvre
Jamie Leipzig
Sean Murray
Denis Nolasco
Ivy Rook
Luke Ryan
Stephen Tanico

In the Vis International Commercial Arbitration Competition, students practice oral advocacy and brief writing skills most similar to those used in litigation. Advocates in arbitration present their arguments to an arbitral panel, and the proceedings are analogous to an informal mini-trial. Competitors study international contract law and the international conventions governing arbitration of disputes. After receiving the problem in the fall, the team produces briefs for both claimant and respondent. Members develop and hone their oral advocacy skills throughout the year in preparation for the oral argument portion of the competition in the Spring in Vienna and Hong Kong. Over 200 law schools from around the world compete. In the past few years, Fordham has achieved remarkable success. The 2008 Vis East team advanced to the semifinals, receiving three Best Oral Advocate honorable mentions and an honorable mention for Best Claimant's Brief. The 2008 Vis West team advanced to the elimination rounds and ranked 27th out of 204 teams, receiving two Best Oral Advocate Honorable Mentions. The 2009 Vis East team won a Best Respondent’s Brief Honorable Mention. The 2009 Vis West team advanced to the elimination rounds and won a Best Oral Advocate Honorable Mention among roughly 30 out of nearly 1000 eligible competitors. For the past three years, four competitors have received oralist awards in both the Vis East and Vis West competitions. In 2014, the Vis East team had two Honorable Mention Best Oralist winners and Honorable Mention Best Respondent's Brief and advanced to the elimination rounds, placing in the top 16. The Vis West team had two Honorable Mention Best Oralist winners.

NYSBA/AAA Arbitration

Alessandra Rose Johnson
Jordan Powell
Alexandra Thomas
Kaitlyn Zacharias

In the NYSBA/AAA Arbitration Competition students practice their oral advocacy and brief writing skills in response to a fact pattern based on a domestic commercial dispute. Student teams of three then conduct an arbitration based on the AAA’s Commercial Arbitration Rules.

Securities Triathlon

Denise Arana
Alexandra Mogul
Sean Shirali

In the Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon, teams of three students test their advocacy skills in the negotiation, mediation and arbitration of a securities dispute. The competition takes place over two days. On Saturday morning, one student plays the role of attorney, one plays the role of client, and one plays the role of settlement counsel as the teams negotiate. Saturday afternoon, the students switch roles and engage in a mediation. On Sunday, the teams arbitrate, with one student attorney conducting direct examination, one student attorney conducting cross-examination, and one student playing the role of client.

1L Team

Anna Wittman
Elizabeth Tolon
Emilia Brunello
Jason Zhang
Katherine Wentworth-Ping
Lisa Jing
Melek Dunn
Mitchell Friedman
Nicole Comer