Jessica Baldwin-Philippi

Jessica Baldwin-Philippi

FMH 451

Twitter: @jesse_b_p 


PhD  Northwestern University

Research Interests

Digital political communication, civic media, science and technology studies, governance and technology.

Selected Publications

Baldwin-Phillippi, J., Gordon, E., O'Brien, D. (in press) "Building civic participation through mobile reporting apps: Efficient, engaging, or both?"

Using technology, building democracy: Digital campaigning an the construction of citizenship. New York: Oxford University Press,  2015

Gordon, E. and Baldwin-Phillippi, J. (2014) "Civic Learning Through Civic Gaming: Community PlanIt and the development of trust and reflective participation." International Journal of Communication 8: 759-786

Baldwin-Phillippi, J.(2013) "Constructing skeptical citizens: How campaign microsites foster new ways of engaging political information and understanding citizenships,"  Journal of Information Technology & Politics 10(3): 245-260

Courses Taught

  • Media Industries
  • Digital Media and Cyberculture