Road Map

Fordham Law will be represented at a recruitment event near you! Feel free to visit our table to learn more about the Law School, or just stop by and introduce yourself!

Fall 2015 Recruitment Schedule


Wednesday, September 2: Yeshiva University

Wednesday, September 9: University of Kansas

Wednesday, September 9 - Friday, September 11: SAPLA Richmond, VA

Thursday, September 10: M.I.N.K. Law Day

Monday, September 14: Scranton University

Tuesday, September 15: Duke University

Wednesday, September 16: Hunter College

Saturday, September 19: West Coast Consortium Law Fair, San Francisco

Tuesday, September 22: Georgetown University

Wednesday, September 23: Michigan State University Law School Fair; Clark University; University of Virginia

Thursday, September 24: College of William and Mary

Saturday, September 26: Miami Law Forum

Monday, September 28: Toronto Law Forum; Greater Rochester Area Law Night; Greater Western New York Law School Fair

Tuesday, September 29: Cornell University Law School Day

Wednesday, September 30: Vassar College; SUNY Binghamton Law Day; Washington, D.C. Law School Fair

Thursday, October 1: UC Berkeley Law and Graduate School Fair; Syracuse University

Friday, October 2: University at Albany Law Fair

Monday, October 5: University of Wisconsin, Madison; Colby College

Tuesday, October 6: Vanderbilt Law School Fair; Skidmore College Graduate and Professional School Fair; University of Illinois; Bates College; Bowdoin College

Wednesday, October 7: Washington University - St. Louis, MO; Rowan University; Dartmouth College Graduate and Professional School Fair

Thursday, October 8: Indiana University, Bloomington

Friday, October 9: UCLA Law Forum; USC Law Fair

Saturday, October 10: Los Angeles Law Forum

Monday, October 12: Florida State University

Tuesday, October 13: Florida A&M University; Baltimore Regional Law Fair; University of Maryland Law School Fair

Wednesday, October 14: John Jay College Graduate School Fair; University of Connecticut Law School Fair; Philadelphia Law Fair; University of Delaware Law School Fair

Thursday, October 15: University of Florida; Columbia University/Barnard; Ohio State University; Fairfield University

Friday, October 16: New York Law Forum

Saturday, October 17: New York Law Forum

Monday, October 19: Lehigh Valley Law Day; Arizona State University; Houston Law Forum

Tuesday, October 20: Bucknell University; Penn State University Law Day; University of Arizona; Emory University Graduate School Fair

Wednesday, October 21: University of Utah; University of Michigan

Thursday, October 22: BringhamYoung University, Morehouse College Law School Forum

Friday, October 23: University of Colorado; Atlanta Law Forum; New Jersey Law Admissions Fair

Saturday, October 24: LatinoJustice PRLDEF Law Day

Monday, October 26: Atlanta University Center Consortium Law School Fair; UCLA Graduate and Professional Schools Fair

Tuesday, October 27: Dickinson College; Brandeis University Law and Professional School Reception

Wednesday, October 28: Franklin and Marshall College; Scranton Graduate Fair; University of Pittsburgh Graduate and Law School Fair

Thursday, October 29: Gettysburg College; Boston Law Forum

Friday, October 30: Mid-Atlantic Pre-Law Conference


Tuesday, November 3: North Carolina State University Law Fair; Texas A&M University; McGill Graduate Schools Fair

Wednesday, November 4: UNC Chapel Hill; New Jersey Law School Admissions Day Fair

Thursday, November 5: Greater Charlotte Law School Fair; University of Texas, Austin; Temple University

Saturday, November 7: Chicago Law Forum

Monday, November 9: Notre Dame Law Fair

Tuesday, November 10: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Wednesday, November 11: Santa Clara University Law School Fair; Rutgers-Newark

Thursday, November 12: Bay Area Law Forum

Saturday, November 14: Black Pre-Law Conference - Houston, TX

Monday, November 16: Sarah Lawrence College

Tuesday, November 17: SUNY New Paltz

Wednesday, November 18: Purchase College Graduate School Expo; St. Francis College

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