Graduate Students English

The Department of English at Fordham offers both MA and PhD degree programs. You will enjoy individualized, personal mentorship and small seminar-style courses led by our dedicated, prize-winning, and widely published faculty. As a PhD Student, you will take our distinctive two-semester teaching practicum which prepares our graduates to become sought-after, experienced instructors. As an MA student, you will complete a Capstone writing project for which you will develop an essay for potential publication.

Over the past ​seven​ years, ​84​% of our job candidates found full-time academic positions, 7​6​% of which were tenure-track.

PhD students receive full funding for up to 6 years. While the majority of our doctoral students have the goal of a college or university teaching career, we prepare our students for a variety of fields. We have a dedicated faculty member who serves as our placement officer.

If you are a Master's applicant, you may apply for competitive funding for the 2-year program.

Fordham's English Master’s students are well-prepared and highly desirable job candidates, whether they go on to doctoral programs in English or to a career in any one of a variety of fields including publishing, university administration, business, teaching, law, and more.

Please review our Master's and PhD program and Application and Admission information, and if you have any questions, contact us.