Honors Programs

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The Honors Program at Fordham College Lincoln Center is an opportunity for talented and motivated students to explore many areas of learning in a small intellectual community of student scholars and faculty. The program is limited to approximately 16 students in each year who are selected in the spring before their first semester. Each class is advised by a faculty member who stays with the group through their four years. 

Honors Graduates Receive More Than A Degree

Fordham College at Rose Hill Honors Program has provided students of exceptional academic talent and intellectual curiosity with the opportunity to pursue their core studies in greater depth, breadth and intensity. Drawn from every major, Honors students routinely go on to attend the most respected graduate and professional schools and to excel in their chosen fields. 

Rigorous and In-Depth Learning

The four-year Global Business Honors Program selects incoming freshmen with stellar high school academic records and prepares them for high-level roles in the world's most dynamic firms and organizations. The 25 students in each GBHP class form a close-knit community of friends and scholars.