Executive-In-Residence Program

Presidents Council EventThe Executive-in-Residence program invites President's Council members - Fordham's best and brightest - to campus to meet with faculty, teach seminars, and give career guidance to students during one-on-one sessions.
This program, which Father McShane refers to as the "heart and soul of the President's Council," showcases the University's talented faculty and students, while highlighting the expertise and accomplishments of its outstanding alumni.

Thanks to President's Council members who visit classrooms and guest teach students! And thank you too to the faculty who welcomed them.

To learn more about the Executive-in-Residence program, contact development officer Julie Fissinger by email or by calling 212-636-6552.

President's CouncilExecutive-In-Residence Program Participants, 2013-2014

Mario Ciampi
Roberta Garland
Jim Houlihan
Ed O'Brien
Gus Poulopoulos
John Reddy
Steve Sinacore
Tom Wynne
Michael Davidson