Engagement Opportunities

Presidents Council EventsUnderscored in the President’s Council brochure, making magis a living ideal is at the root of the Council’s mission. Magis, meaning “more, to a greater extent,” is a core principle of Jesuit education fully embraced by the President’s Council through its leadership financial support, mentoring, and guest lecturing. Each of the engagement opportunities below supports students striving to reach their full potential, advancing their intellectual and personal development. Please consider how you can best participate.

CEO Breakfasts

Ongoing opportunities for President's Council members to host breakfasts on-site at corporate offices or on campus.  During these breakfasts, Council hosts introduce about a dozen Fordham students to their line of work, day-to-day responsibilities, as well as share details of their individual career path.  Council colleagues welcome to attend.

Admissions Outreach

In early April, interested President's Council members are asked to outreach to our top prospective students - those granted at least a Dean's level scholarship. Contact from a Council member can create a powerful impact.

Entrepreneurship Week

The University is looking for alumni entrepreneurs to present to students during the spring semester. Events held in O'Hare Special Collections in the Walsh Family Library. Time of day flexible.

Presidents Council Engagement Opportunities

Weekly Business Speakers Series

Are you interested in speaking to undergraduates on campus about your professional expertise?  Students are seeking insight into all different kinds of careers, and Council members have so much to share. Events held in O'Hare Special Collections in the Walsh Family Library. Time of day flexible.

Book Discussion Leader

Have you read a good book lately that presents a professional life lesson?  Please consider leading a book discussion group with Fordham students - you can be creative - as all life lessons are valuable.

Fall Access Your Future Week

In the fall semester, Council members are welcome to participate in this week-long programming for all GSB students. Council members share their career path with the students, as well as tips, and real-life work insights.

Economics Club Guest Speakers

The Fordham College at Lincoln Center and Fordham College at Rose Hill Economics Clubs seek guest speakers engaged in the Economy from a diversity of perspectives and angles.

Pre-Law Advising

Fordham College at Rose Hill is looking to engage President's Council attorneys with pre-law majors for academic and professional advising and counsel.

Not-for-Profit Marketing Project

Do you serve on the board of a small non-profit with next to nothing budgeted for marketing?  If so, please consider recommending your charitable group for a Fordham marketing project. A small group of students will study the institution's challenges, and design a marketing plan to fit the charity's needs.

Executive Shadowing

Please consider inviting a Fordham student to "shadow" you at your place of work for a day or series of days.  Students have found that the on-site exposure can perfectly enhances the classroom experience.